Free Initial Consultation

Price: Free

Details: Free 30 minute consultation with Colm to determine what your needs are and how best we can meet them. This will be about determining what you need for your business or personal planning requirements. This is a no obligation offer. In the unlikely event that after the 30 minutes you feel our service is not for you then there is no catch. You walk away with the advice Colm has given to you in the session free of charge. 

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Coaching & Mentoring for you and your team

Price: From €50 per hour

Details: Life and work isn’t easy and it can often seem overwhelming to experienced staff never mind inexperienced ones. But the reality is every problem is just a solution waiting to be found. And there are very few problems that have not been seen before and for whom an entirely new solution needs to be developed. With experience you learn how to quickly overcome challenges and adapt to the new situation. Through mentoring and coaching we can help to provide that experience and develop it within your team.

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Supply Chain Management Training

Price: From €400 per day.

Details: For companies with new or inexperienced planners we can provide training, expertise and guidance to allow them deliver better plans, faster, and more cost effectively. Our training and coaching in Production Planning and Supply Chain Management will be specifically tailored for the needs of your business and your team.

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Evaluate your Planning & Supply Chain Functions

Price: €400 for 1 day audit

Details: PlanPotential can conduct audits of your Planning & Supply Chain Management Functions to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings. We will look at every aspect of your process including the inputs, tools, team and outputs to ensure you are getting the best out of this critical function.

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Startup Planning

Price: From €50 per hour

Details: Whether your business idea is a simply a long-held idea you have never explored or a side hustle you now want to bring to the next stage we can help you explore that opportunity and plan for success. Starting with an initial 1-hour session we will review your progress to date and map out next steps including identifying and understanding your customers, routes to market, costs, revenue etc.

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Personal Planning

Price: €50 per hour

Details: We all spend a lot of time planning our business.  But do you put the same effort into planning your life be that professional or personal. Even when we do have tools (calendars, to do lists etc) to help us are they linked and all working in the same direction. Interestingly over the years I have found that many of the same methods we use in business can be used to help us put structure around our lives and help bring better balance between work and life while delivering better results in both.  

Available to both individuals and companies.

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