Better Planners make Better Plans.

Once the training is complete what happens next? We can provide ongoing Coaching and mentoring for your planning team.

Planning isn’t easy. There is so much to take into account it can often seem overwhelming to experienced planners never mind new or inexperienced ones. But the reality is every problem is just a solution waiting to be found. And there are very few problems that have not been seen before and for whom an entirely new solution needs to be developed. With experience and time you learn how to quickly overcome challenges and adapt to the new situation.

Production Planning Meeting
Planning Mentoring

General Eisenhower once said “No plan survives contact with the enemy”. And he overcame that by empowering those below him to adapt as the situation changed. The same is true in Production Planning and Supply Chain Management. Just as on the battlefield time is often the greatest enemy and quick decisions need to be made. This is where coaching and mentoring comes in.

Colm is a trained coach with many years of experience using the GROW coaching model to help others achieve their best performance. Colm can empower your team to deliver the best possible plans for your business.

Colm Flynn PlanPotential

Colm Flynn is a Supply Chain and Planning Professional with over 20 years experience. He has worked in a number of environments from Multinationals to Local Charities and in a range of industries including Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Electronics and Agri-Food. He can use that experience to help guide your team through challenges that may seem new and daunting to them.

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