Better Planners make Better Plans.

PlanPotential can conduct audits of your Planning & Supply Chain Functions to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings. We will look at every aspect of your process including the inputs, tools, team and outputs.

Auditing the Planning Process

As part of this process we will firstly study your planning systems and processes to gather an understanding of not only what you do but why you do it. Often apparent inefficiencies in one system have been introduced to overcome actual inefficiencies on another so it is only in gaining an understanding of both the what and the why that this can be exposed.

  • This review till include a study of your  systems and procedures for
    • Equipment, Materials and Environment of the Planning department
    • Competence and Training of your team
    • Methods processes and techniques used in planning
    • Key measurements and metrics and how they are used to analyse the business performance
    • Information flow and key stakeholder relationships
    • Customer Service performance
    • Inventory levels
    • Demand management & Forecasting
    • Bills of Materials & Bills of Resources
    • Capacity Optimization
    • Procurement
    • Production scheduling
    • Plan communication & execution

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