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Better Planners make Better Plans.

Working from Home

Production Planning from home

As we come out of lockdown and businesses start to return to “normal” a key challenge is what is the new “normal”. A key change is working from home. For years people have spoken about working from home in dubious terms. There have been lots of studies into it and it seemed to be a…
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Production Planning

Laying the Foundation of The Planning Process

So you want to know about planning. MRP, MRP-II, S&OP, Forecasting etc etc. Many people jump straight into those methodologies and start to apply them in a live environment. But the best planners will first strive to set a foundation by understanding the business. Any college will teach you the fundamentals of planning such as…
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Returning to Work post Covid 19

Planning to reopen your business post Covid-19.

So as we are now exiting lock-down many companies are looking to either ramp up operations or even completely restart after a total lock-down.  This can be a daunting prospect after a Christmas shutdown never mind a 3-month lock-down.  With social distancing etc things are unlikely to return to normal for a long time.  However,…
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The Right Supply Chain

So what are the goals of supply chain management and planning.  You want to deliver the right product Right Products:  Having the product the customer wants. Depending on the industry and company that can change.  For example what the customer wants this year may not be what they wanted last year.  Producing last year’s smart…
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Production Planning Department

Planning. Why is it important

Planning is not easy. If it were then there would be half the amount of warehouses, no shortages to customers and far less garbage. Supply Chains, even simple ones don’t happen automatically.  There must be some plan that tells the company what to make. Planning is difficult to explain to your family and friends. You…
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Warehouse Inventory

Inventory Management

Inventory is a buffer against uncertainty.  A common image that I first came across when studying Goldratt’s Theory of constraints (which I highly recommend by the way), is that of a ship sailing on a lake.  The ship represents the company and the water inventory.  Below the water are rocks representing problems in the company. …
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