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Supply chain working together

Understand your whole supply chain

We have heard a lot recently about supply chain disruption. Covid-19, Brexit, trade wars, semi-conductors, big ships stuck in small canals. And it does not get any better. Here is another potential shortage. Plastics. So, what is the solution. Well, its one we have discussed here and on social media many times in the…
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Covid 19 Vaccine Supply Chain Agreement

EU vs UK approach to Vaccine Supply

You are all no doubt aware of the current row between the EU and AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca have not delivered on the number of doses they promised in the original deal with the EU. Meanwhile the supply to the UK appears to not suffer from the same constraints. And in the US, they are stockpiling AstraZeneca…
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How Toyota really use inventory

Many people mistakenly think the Toyota way is about holding zero inventory. Finance directors in particular love to quote it in meetings. And in a way they are correct. In a perfect world we should not hold inventory. Inventory hides inefficiency. Inventory is comfortable for the planning department who don’t have to pay for it.…
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Brexit Ferry

UK delay checks on imports from EU

The UK government has been forced to delay the introduction of import checks by six months because the required network of 30 border posts still being built to will not have be ready on time. British customs were due to begin controlling imports of animal products, live animals and plants and products from 1 April.…
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SCM Fundamentals: RCCP

Continuing our SCM Fundamentals series of posts the next step in the process is the Rough-Cut Capacity Plan.  It takes the output from the Master Schedule and starts to analyse it in a bit more detail. It breaks it into smaller time buckets (most likely weeks) and at a more detailed level in terms of…
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Supply Chain

Secure your Supply Chain

Today, 1st March 2021 marks 1 year since Covid 19 arrived in Ireland. What a year it has been for the whole world.  Certainly, the last year has shown the fragility of supply chains. Initially there was a run-on supermarkets as people stocked up on toilet paper, pasta and pretty much anything they could get. …
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Resource Planning

SCM Fundamentals: Resource Planning:

Now from recent articles you should have good understanding of the demand you need to fulfill we will now start looking at the other side of the equation.  Supply.  As we discussed previously the constant struggle in business is the demand to balance supply and demand.  The first step when looking at supply is to…
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Getting ready for Brexit

Don’t be Brexit foolish this April 1st

On 1st April additional import controls come in for certain products being imported into the UK. This includes products such as meat, dairy, fish, products of animal origin, as well as regulated plants and plant products. If people have learned one thing from Brexit so far I hope it is that ignoring it and hoping…
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Start ups are key to the Recovery

Thanks to Scale Ireland for hosting a very interesting discussion on the role of indigenous tech start-ups & scale-up companies in the recovery today. As we emerge from Covid-19 and Brexit there will be huge opportunities for Startups and there are lots of resources out there to help you make that leap into entrepreneurship.