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Better Planners make Better Plans.

Colm Flynn PlanPotential

I’m Colm and I am a Supply Chain and Planning Professional with over 20 years’ experience. I have worked in a number of environments from multinationals to startups and local charities and in a range of industries including Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Electronics and Agri-Food.

PlanPotential was founded after I identified a need for training and coaching of planning and supply chain teams.

Colm Flynn Planning Manager

A little about myself. As I said I have over 20 years experience in Planning and Supply Chain Management working with a number of major companies including Pfizer-Howmedica, Procter and Gamble, Stryker, Analog Devices, Ribworld and Ornua. I have a Masters in Supply Chain Management from Dublin Institute of Technology (now Technological University of Dublin) a degree in Production Management from the University of Limerick and a Postgrad in Innovation and Enterprise Development from Trinity College Dublin. More importantly I’m a father and my family and I live near Clonmel in Co. Tipperary, Ireland.

In my experience the planning department is the key department in the factory. In a properly functioning planning department, you will sit as the hub through which all the information in the company flows.

I have set up PlanPotential because I believe most companies are not realising the full potential of their planning departments. Very often inexperience and inefficiencies are the root cause of this.  Through PlanPotential I can help you identify those issues and put in place the required steps to help your planning function optimise your factory.

For companies with new and inexperienced production planners PlanPotential will provide training, expertise and mentorship to help them meet their full potential so that they can quickly start to deliver optimized plans and generate savings for your business.

If you want more information on planning or want help to improve your planning processes contact PlanPotential.