Make Better Plans.

PlanPotential will provide the expertise needed to allow you optimise your business performance.  Our training and ongoing support service will allow your team reach their potential and deliver better performance faster and more cost effectively than ever before. Our expertise in the management of Supply Chains, Planning and Projects allows us review your entire business from suppliers to customers to ensure you can plan to meet your full potential.


If you are unhappy with your business performance PlanPotential can audit your Planning, Supply Chain and Project Management Functions to identify opportunities for improvement and cost savings.

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PlanPotential provides training, guidance and mentoring to allow your teams to deliver better performance faster and more cost effectively.

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Once the training is complete what happens next?  PlanPotential can provide ongoing coaching for your production team to ensure they continue to achieve their best performance.

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Why Good Planning is important

Production Planning and Supply Chain Management are not easy. If they were then there would be far fewer warehouses and no shortages to customers. A properly functioning planning department will sit as the hub of the business through which all the information and operational decisions in the company flows. It is cricital that they get those decisions right.

Better Planners make better plans.

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Supply Chain is key to your business

We live in a time when the world has never been more connected.  The device in front of you has come through some of the most complex supply chains in history in order to reach your desk. Yet in the time of Brexit, Trade Wars and Covid-19 the challenges to our supply chains have never been greater. If you need help or guidance on how to manage your supply chain contact us.

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About us

Why PlanPotential

PlanPotential was founded by Colm Flynn after he identified a need for training and mentorship of planning and supply chain teams. Colm is a Supply Chain and Planning Professional with over 20 years’ experience. He has worked in a number of environments from multinationals to startups to local charities and in a range of industries including Medical Devices, Cosmetics, Electronics and Agri-Food.

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